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We deliver landmark projects

At Saule Consulting we offer a range of advisory services and professional support for medium to large SMEs within various sectors with the aim of assisting them to achieve their goals - a stalwart supporter of each individual business.

We constantly strive for innovative and valuable approach to give our clients a competitive edge. We invest in developing strong sectoral expertise as well as the technological, scientific and soft skills in order to provide our clients with the most suitable service. We deliver a timely, responsive and efficient service that is tailored to the needs of each individual client based on its needs and objectives. We aim to provide objective advice to ensure clients complete the right deal at the right price.

We embrace the interconnectedness of ecosystems and leverage off our strategic partnerships, collaborations and network of multifaceted professionals to create value for all key stakeholders.

A Repution for Excellence

We Build Partnerships

Guided by Commitment


Our Vision

To uphold a reputation of reliability, quality and effective services provision to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is be a globally recognized consulting and advisory firm empowering and assisting businesses to achieve growth and create value. We are dedicated to our clients and ensure trust, integrity, quality, respect and are committed to creating value for our shareholders.

Our Values

• Leadership

Lead by example and invest in others to follow the guidelines of leadership

• Performance:

Perform with purpose, pride and a positive attitude

• Integrity:

Uphold ethics and principles in all dealings and decision making. Being open, honest and respectful to our colleagues, clients and all stakeholders.


• Agility:

Encourage all staff to be adaptive, risk-taking, follow through their best ideas and make them happen

• Adaptability:

Embrace and drive change

• Transparency:

Encourage employees to take initiative by creating an environment that accepts mistakes, thus encouraging employees to make decisions

• Inclusivity:

Build a positive close-knit team that works by the values of the company, communicate and collaborate effectively.